who is il migliore?
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il migliore is Warner LeMénager & who would know him better than he?

I Warner am a photographer with a background in many forms of presentation, even the study of watercolor at Art Center.  But now I’ve evolved into an artist of photo rendering. I am also a student and collector of art, with the majority of collection being Japanese Woodblock prints.

As many have done they explore presenting their photo work as a Picasso or a Dali or even more to my liking Atget.  Many others strive for the perfection of Adams or Weston. But I find if we are to grab one artist I strive to emulate with camera skills that must be the subtleness of Monet.
I am at the twilight of my artistic career and now pursue creating work others would like to own and hang in a place they are able to view daily.

I was born in Cicero, an Italian neighborhood of Chicago, but left at a very young age and moved to Long Beach, California where I was raised. 
I didn’t discover Italy until I was in my sixties and have since spent as much time as possible there photographing the beauty and uniqueness of its culture and architecture. I call it my second home.

In the world of marketing my photography I present myself as fotografo il migliore, but those that call me friend know me as Warner; besides my last name is too hard to pronounce.

Warner LeMénager  in Sardenia. 2008 for Sa Sartiglia in Oristano & Sa Carrela (above) in Santu Lussurgiu during the pre lenten period known as Carnevale or Mardi Gras.

e-mail at: ilmigliore@earthlink.net