and statement of ownership
Over ninety percent of this page is original work or graphics by Warner LeMenager. The remainder is the work of unknown origin.  The whole site is under copyright and none can be used without release of the artist.  Only that produced by Warner LeMenager will be considered for release.  The rest of material of unknown origin will not be considered for release.  Contact artist if you are interested in purchasing any of his work.

As stated, the artist does not want to profit on other’s work, take into consideration that ALL artists out here have an investment in their work.  When you take this work including movies and music you are getting what you’re taken for FREE. It isn’t free for any of the artists to produce.  The artists have time and material invested.  Even the rich recording stars have had to pay for studio time to record their songs that you feel you can take for your use without paying for them.  IT IS THE SAME FOR THE ARTWORK.  All of you would not like it if they came and took your product or service without paying for it.  Give them the same consideration.

It is tacky to show up at art shows with a camera and take pictures without the artist's permission.  Other than being tacky it is THEFT.